Our Dental Imaging

Dental imaging, or digital imaging, is an advanced tool in dentistry utilized to learn about the presence of cavities, dental infections and oral masses. At Neibauer Dental Care in Fredericksburg, Virginia, dental imaging provides the dentist with clear, accurate images of the teeth, gums and mouth to better analyze and diagnose any abnormalities. Take a closer look at the variety of x-ray and imaging tools we utilize, below. 

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays, unlike traditional x-rays, produce sharper images of your teeth and bone structure without exposing you to as much radiation. Digital X-rays help our dentist study your teeth and gums and make more precise treatment options.

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera is a type of dental imaging equipment used to take internal images of a patient’s mouth. It helps the dentist view the internal sections of the mouth with improved visibility.

Our dentist at Neibauer Dental Care, Fredericksburg, Virginia, utilizes modern dental imaging techniques to provide the highest quality of care possible to our patients throughout the Greater Fredericksburg, Virginia, area. If you have any questions regarding the x-ray and imaging systems we use or would like to schedule your appointment, contact our team today by calling 540-899-7751.